Description [src]

struct GtkSymbolicColor {
  /* No available fields */

GtkSymbolicColor is a boxed type that represents a symbolic color. It is the result of parsing a [color expression][gtkcssprovider-symbolic-colors]. To obtain the color represented by a GtkSymbolicColor, it has to be resolved with gtk_symbolic_color_resolve(), which replaces all symbolic color references by the colors they refer to (in a given context) and evaluates mix, shade and other expressions, resulting in a GdkRGBA value.

It is not normally necessary to deal directly with GtkSymbolicColors, since they are mostly used behind the scenes by GtkStyleContext and GtkCssProvider.

GtkSymbolicColor is deprecated. Symbolic colors are considered an implementation detail of GTK+.



Creates a symbolic color by modifying the relative alpha value of color. A factor < 1.0 would resolve to a more transparent color, while > 1.0 would resolve to a more opaque color.

deprecated: 3.8 since: 3.0


Creates a symbolic color pointing to a literal color.

deprecated: 3.8 since: 3.0


Creates a symbolic color defined as a mix of another two colors. a mix factor of 0 would resolve to color1, while a factor of 1 would resolve to color2.

deprecated: 3.8 since: 3.0


Creates a symbolic color pointing to an unresolved named color. See gtk_style_context_lookup_color() and gtk_style_properties_lookup_color().

deprecated: 3.8 since: 3.0


Creates a symbolic color defined as a shade of another color. A factor > 1.0 would resolve to a brighter color, while < 1.0 would resolve to a darker color.

deprecated: 3.8 since: 3.0


Creates a symbolic color based on the current win32 theme.

deprecated: 3.8 since: 3.4

Instance methods


Increases the reference count of color.

deprecated: 3.8 since: 3.0


If color is resolvable, resolved_color will be filled in with the resolved color, and TRUE will be returned. Generally, if color can’t be resolved, it is due to it being defined on top of a named color that doesn’t exist in props.

deprecated: 3.8 since: 3.0


Converts the given color to a string representation. This is useful both for debugging and for serialization of strings. The format of the string may change between different versions of GTK, but it is guaranteed that the GTK css parser is able to read the string and create the same symbolic color from it.

deprecated: 3.8 


Decreases the reference count of color, freeing its memory if the reference count reaches 0.

deprecated: 3.8 since: 3.0