Declaration [src]

gtk_custom_layout_new (
  GtkCustomRequestModeFunc request_mode,
  GtkCustomMeasureFunc measure,
  GtkCustomAllocateFunc allocate

Description [src]

Creates a new legacy layout manager.

Legacy layout managers map to the old GtkWidget size negotiation virtual functions, and are meant to be used during the transition from layout containers to layout manager delegates.


request_mode GtkCustomRequestModeFunc

A function to retrieve the GtkSizeRequestMode of the widget using the layout; the default request mode is GTK_SIZE_REQUEST_CONSTANT_SIZE.

measure GtkCustomMeasureFunc

A function to measure the widget using the layout manager.

allocate GtkCustomAllocateFunc

A function to allocate the children of the widget using the layout manager.

Return value

Returns: GtkLayoutManager

The newly created GtkCustomLayout

 The caller of the function takes ownership of the data, and is responsible for freeing it.