Declaration [src]

gtk_assistant_set_forward_page_func (
  GtkAssistant* assistant,
  GtkAssistantPageFunc page_func,
  gpointer data,
  GDestroyNotify destroy

Description [src]

Sets the page forwarding function to be page_func.

This function will be used to determine what will be the next page when the user presses the forward button. Setting page_func to NULL will make the assistant to use the default forward function, which just goes to the next visible page.


page_func GtkAssistantPageFunc

The GtkAssistantPageFunc, or NULL to use the default one.

 The argument can be NULL.
data gpointer

User data for page_func.

 The argument can be NULL.
 The data is owned by the caller of the function.
destroy GDestroyNotify

Destroy notifier for data.