Declaration [src]

gtk_im_context_simple_add_table (
  GtkIMContextSimple* context_simple,
  guint16* data,
  int max_seq_len,
  int n_seqs

Description [src]

Adds an additional table to search to the input context. Each row of the table consists of max_seq_len key symbols followed by two #guint16 interpreted as the high and low words of a #gunicode value. Tables are searched starting from the last added.

The table must be sorted in dictionary order on the numeric value of the key symbol fields. (Values beyond the length of the sequence should be zero.)

Deprecated since:4.4

Use gtk_im_context_simple_add_compose_file()


data An array of guint16

The table.

 The data is owned by the caller of the function.
max_seq_len int

Maximum length of a sequence in the table.

n_seqs int

Number of sequences in the table.