deprecated: 4.10 

Declaration [src]

gtk_tree_store_append (
  GtkTreeStore* tree_store,
  GtkTreeIter* iter,
  GtkTreeIter* parent

Description [src]

Appends a new row to tree_store.

If parent is non-NULL, then it will append the new row after the last child of parent, otherwise it will append a row to the top level.

The iter parameter will be changed to point to this new row. The row will be empty after this function is called. To fill in values, you need to call gtk_tree_store_set() or gtk_tree_store_set_value().

Deprecated since: 4.10

Use GtkTreeListModel instead.



Type: GtkTreeIter

An unset GtkTreeIter to set to the appended row.

The argument will be set by the function.
The returned data is owned by the instance.

Type: GtkTreeIter

A valid GtkTreeIter.

The argument can be NULL.
The data is owned by the caller of the method.