Virtual Method


Declaration [src]

start_editing (
  GtkCellEditable* cell_editable,
  GdkEvent* event

Description [src]

Begins editing on a cell_editable.

The GtkCellRenderer for the cell creates and returns a GtkCellEditable from gtk_cell_renderer_start_editing(), configured for the GtkCellRenderer type.

gtk_cell_editable_start_editing() can then set up cell_editable suitably for editing a cell, e.g. making the Esc key emit GtkCellEditable::editing-done.

Note that the cell_editable is created on-demand for the current edit; its lifetime is temporary and does not persist across other edits and/or cells.


event GdkEvent

The GdkEvent that began the editing process, or NULL if editing was initiated programmatically.

 The argument can be NULL.
 The data is owned by the caller of the function.