Virtual Method


Declaration [src]

realize (
  GtkMediaStream* self,
  GdkSurface* surface

Description [src]

Called by users to attach the media stream to a GdkSurface they manage.

The stream can then access the resources of surface for its rendering purposes. In particular, media streams might want to create a GdkGLContext or sync to the GdkFrameClock.

Whoever calls this function is responsible for calling gtk_media_stream_unrealize() before either the stream or surface get destroyed.

Multiple calls to this function may happen from different users of the video, even with the same surface. Each of these calls must be followed by its own call to gtk_media_stream_unrealize().

It is not required to call this function to make a media stream work.



Type: GdkSurface

A GdkSurface.

The data is owned by the caller of the method.