Declaration [src]

pango_font_description_merge_static (
  PangoFontDescription* desc,
  const PangoFontDescription* desc_to_merge,
  gboolean replace_existing

Description [src]

Merges the fields that are set in desc_to_merge into the fields in desc, without copying allocated fields.

This is like pango_font_description_merge(), but only a shallow copy is made of the family name and other allocated fields. desc can only be used until desc_to_merge is modified or freed. This is meant to be used when the merged font description is only needed temporarily.


desc_to_merge PangoFontDescription

The PangoFontDescription to merge from.

 The data is owned by the caller of the function.
replace_existing gboolean

If TRUE, replace fields in desc with the corresponding values from desc_to_merge, even if they are already exist.