since: 2.20

Declaration [src]

gdk_keymap_add_virtual_modifiers (
  GdkKeymap* keymap,
  GdkModifierType* state

Description [src]

Maps the non-virtual modifiers (i.e Mod2, Mod3, …) which are set in state to the virtual modifiers (i.e. Super, Hyper and Meta) and set the corresponding bits in state.

GDK already does this before delivering key events, but for compatibility reasons, it only sets the first virtual modifier it finds, whereas this function sets all matching virtual modifiers.

This function is useful when matching key events against accelerators.

Available since: 2.20



Type: GdkModifierType

Pointer to the modifier mask to change.

The argument will be modified by the function.
The caller of the method takes ownership of the returned data, and is responsible for freeing it.