Declaration [src]

const char*
gdk_device_get_vendor_id (
  GdkDevice* device

Description [src]

Returns the vendor ID of this device.

This ID is retrieved from the device, and does not change.

This function, together with gdk_device_get_product_id(), can be used to eg. compose GSettings paths to store settings for this device.

 static GSettings *
 get_device_settings (GdkDevice *device)
   const char *vendor, *product;
   GSettings *settings;
   GdkDevice *device;
   char *path;

   vendor = gdk_device_get_vendor_id (device);
   product = gdk_device_get_product_id (device);

   path = g_strdup_printf ("/org/example/app/devices/%s:%s/", vendor, product);
   settings = g_settings_new_with_path (DEVICE_SCHEMA, path);
   g_free (path);

   return settings;
Gets propertyGdk.Device:vendor-id

Return value

Type: const char*

The vendor ID.

The returned data is owned by the instance.
The return value can be NULL.
The value is a NUL terminated UTF-8 string.