Declaration [src]

gdk_drop_get_actions (
  GdkDrop* self

Description [src]

Returns the possible actions for this GdkDrop.

If this value contains multiple actions - i.e. gdk_drag_action_is_unique() returns FALSE for the result - gdk_drop_finish() must choose the action to use when accepting the drop. This will only happen if you passed GDK_ACTION_ASK as one of the possible actions in gdk_drop_status(). GDK_ACTION_ASK itself will not be included in the actions returned by this function.

This value may change over the lifetime of the GdkDrop both as a response to source side actions as well as to calls to gdk_drop_status() or gdk_drop_finish(). The source side will not change this value anymore once a drop has started.

Gets propertyGdk.Drop:actions

Return value

Type: GdkDragAction

The possible GdkDragActions