Declaration [src]

gdk_drop_status (
  GdkDrop* self,
  GdkDragAction actions,
  GdkDragAction preferred

Description [src]

Selects all actions that are potentially supported by the destination.

When calling this function, do not restrict the passed in actions to the ones provided by gdk_drop_get_actions(). Those actions may change in the future, even depending on the actions you provide here.

The preferred action is a hint to the drag-and-drop mechanism about which action to use when multiple actions are possible.

This function should be called by drag destinations in response to GDK_DRAG_ENTER or GDK_DRAG_MOTION events. If the destination does not yet know the exact actions it supports, it should set any possible actions first and then later call this function again.



Type: GdkDragAction

Supported actions of the destination, or 0 to indicate that a drop will not be accepted.


Type: GdkDragAction

A unique action that’s a member of actions indicating the preferred action.