since: 4.14

Description [src]

struct GdkDmabufFormats {
  /* No available fields */

The GdkDmabufFormats struct provides information about supported DMA buffer formats.

You can query whether a given format is supported with gdk_dmabuf_formats_contains() and you can iterate over the list of all supported formats with gdk_dmabuf_formats_get_n_formats() and gdk_dmabuf_formats_get_format().

The list of supported formats is sorted by preference, with the best formats coming first.

The list may contains (format, modifier) pairs where the modifier is DMA_FORMAT_MOD_INVALID, indicating that implicit modifiers may be used with this format.

See GdkDmabufTextureBuilder for more information about DMA buffers.

Note that DMA buffers only exist on Linux.

Available since: 4.14

Instance methods


Returns whether a given format is contained in formats.

since: 4.14


Returns whether formats1 and formats2 contain the same dmabuf formats, in the same order.

since: 4.14


Gets the fourcc code and modifier for a format that is contained in formats.

since: 4.14


Returns the number of formats that the formats object contains.

since: 4.14


Increases the reference count of formats.

since: 4.14


Decreases the reference count of formats.

since: 4.14