deprecated: 2.72 since: 2.28


property validation-flags: Gio.TlsCertificateFlags [ read, write, construct ]


What steps to perform when validating a certificate received from a server. Server certificates that fail to validate in any of the ways indicated here will be rejected unless the application overrides the default via GTlsConnection::accept-certificate.

GLib guarantees that if certificate verification fails, at least one flag will be set, but it does not guarantee that all possible flags will be set. Accordingly, you may not safely decide to ignore any particular type of error. For example, it would be incorrect to mask G_TLS_CERTIFICATE_EXPIRED if you want to allow expired certificates, because this could potentially be the only error flag set even if other problems exist with the certificate. Therefore, there is no safe way to use this property. This is not a horrible problem, though, because you should not be attempting to ignore validation errors anyway. If you really must ignore TLS certificate errors, connect to GTlsConnection::accept-certificate.

Type: GTlsCertificateFlags
Available since:2.28
Deprecated since:2.72

Do not attempt to ignore validation errors.


Construct onlyno