struct GActionEntry {
  const gchar* name;
  void (* activate) (
    GSimpleAction* action,
    GVariant* parameter,
    gpointer user_data
  const gchar* parameter_type;
  const gchar* state;
  void (* change_state) (
    GSimpleAction* action,
    GVariant* value,
    gpointer user_data

This struct defines a single action. It is for use with g_action_map_add_action_entries().

The order of the items in the structure are intended to reflect frequency of use. It is permissible to use an incomplete initialiser in order to leave some of the later values as NULL. All values after name are optional. Additional optional fields may be added in the future.

See g_action_map_add_action_entries() for an example.

Structure members

The name of the action.

No description available.

The type of the parameter that must be passed to the activate function for this action, given as a single GVariant type string (or NULL for no parameter)


The initial state for this action, given in GVariant text format. The state is parsed with no extra type information, so type tags must be added to the string if they are necessary. Stateless actions should give NULL here.

No description available.