g_variant_new_fixed_array (
  const GVariantType* element_type,
  gconstpointer elements,
  gsize n_elements,
  gsize element_size


Constructs a new array GVariant instance, where the elements are of element_type type.

elements must be an array with fixed-sized elements. Numeric types are fixed-size as are tuples containing only other fixed-sized types.

element_size must be the size of a single element in the array. For example, if calling this function for an array of 32-bit integers, you might say sizeof(gint32). This value isn’t used except for the purpose of a double-check that the form of the serialized data matches the caller’s expectation.

n_elements must be the length of the elements array.

Available since:2.32


element_type GVariantType

The GVariantType of each element.

 The data is owned by the caller of the function.
elements gconstpointer

A pointer to the fixed array of contiguous elements.

n_elements gsize

The number of elements.

element_size gsize

The size of each element.

Return value

Returns: GVariant

A floating reference to a new array GVariant instance.

 The data is owned by the called function.