Function Macro



#define g_error (


A convenience function/macro to log an error message.

The message should typically not be translated to the user’s language.

This is not intended for end user error reporting. Use of GError is preferred for that instead, as it allows calling functions to perform actions conditional on the type of error.

Error messages are always fatal, resulting in a call to G_BREAKPOINT() to terminate the application. This function will result in a core dump; don’t use it for errors you expect. Using this function indicates a bug in your program, i.e. an assertion failure.

If g_log_default_handler() is used as the log handler function, a new-line character will automatically be appended to @…, and need not be entered manually.

If structured logging is enabled, this will use g_log_structured(); otherwise it will use g_log(). See Using Structured Logging.

This function is not directly available to language bindings.



Type: -

Format string, followed by parameters to insert into the format string (as with printf())