since: 2.0


g_log_set_always_fatal (
  GLogLevelFlags fatal_mask


Sets the message levels which are always fatal, in any log domain. When a message with any of these levels is logged the program terminates. You can only set the levels defined by GLib to be fatal. G_LOG_LEVEL_ERROR is always fatal.

You can also make some message levels fatal at runtime by setting the G_DEBUG environment variable (see Running GLib Applications).

Libraries should not call this function, as it affects all messages logged by a process, including those from other libraries.

Structured log messages (using g_log_structured() and g_log_structured_array()) are fatal only if the default log writer is used; otherwise it is up to the writer function to determine which log messages are fatal. See [Using Structured Logging][using-structured-logging].

Available since: 2.0



Type: GLogLevelFlags

The mask containing bits set for each level of error which is to be fatal.

Return value

Type: GLogLevelFlags

The old fatal mask.