since: 2.4

Declaration [src]

gtk_expander_new_with_mnemonic (
  const gchar* label

Description [src]

Creates a new expander using label as the text of the label. If characters in label are preceded by an underscore, they are underlined. If you need a literal underscore character in a label, use “__” (two underscores). The first underlined character represents a keyboard accelerator called a mnemonic. Pressing Alt and that key activates the button.

Available since: 2.4



Type: const gchar*

The text of the label with an underscore in front of the mnemonic character.

The argument can be NULL.
The data is owned by the caller of the function.
The value is a NUL terminated UTF-8 string.

Return value

Type: GtkWidget

A new GtkExpander widget.

The data is owned by the called function.