since: 3.12

Declaration [src]

gtk_application_get_accels_for_action (
  GtkApplication* application,
  const gchar* detailed_action_name

Description [src]

Gets the accelerators that are currently associated with the given action.

Available since: 3.12



Type: const gchar*

A detailed action name, specifying an action and target to obtain accelerators for.

The data is owned by the caller of the method.
The value is a NUL terminated UTF-8 string.

Return value

Type: An array of utf8

Accelerators for detailed_action_name, as a NULL-terminated array. Free with g_strfreev() when no longer needed.

The array is NULL-terminated.
The caller of the method takes ownership of the returned data, and is responsible for freeing it.
Each element is a NUL terminated UTF-8 string.