Declaration [src]

gtk_container_add (
  GtkContainer* container,
  GtkWidget* widget

Description [src]

Adds widget to container. Typically used for simple containers such as GtkWindow, GtkFrame, or GtkButton; for more complicated layout containers such as GtkBox or GtkGrid, this function will pick default packing parameters that may not be correct. So consider functions such as gtk_box_pack_start() and gtk_grid_attach() as an alternative to gtk_container_add() in those cases. A widget may be added to only one container at a time; you can’t place the same widget inside two different containers.

Note that some containers, such as GtkScrolledWindow or GtkListBox, may add intermediate children between the added widget and the container.



Type: GtkWidget

A widget to be placed inside container.

The data is owned by the caller of the method.