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final class Gtk.FileChooserNative : Gtk.NativeDialog {
  /* No available fields */

GtkFileChooserNative is an abstraction of a dialog suitable for use with “File Open” or “File Save as” commands.

By default, this just uses a GtkFileChooserDialog to implement the actual dialog. However, on some platforms, such as Windows and macOS, the native platform file chooser is used instead. When the application is running in a sandboxed environment without direct filesystem access (such as Flatpak), GtkFileChooserNative may call the proper APIs (portals) to let the user choose a file and make it available to the application.

While the API of GtkFileChooserNative closely mirrors GtkFileChooserDialog, the main difference is that there is no access to any GtkWindow or GtkWidget for the dialog. This is required, as there may not be one in the case of a platform native dialog.

Showing, hiding and running the dialog is handled by the GtkNativeDialog functions.

Note that unlike GtkFileChooserDialog, GtkFileChooserNative objects are not toplevel widgets, and GTK does not keep them alive. It is your responsibility to keep a reference until you are done with the object.

Typical usage

In the simplest of cases, you can the following code to use GtkFileChooserNative to select a file for opening:

static void
on_response (GtkNativeDialog *native,
             int              response)
  if (response == GTK_RESPONSE_ACCEPT)
      GtkFileChooser *chooser = GTK_FILE_CHOOSER (native);
      GFile *file = gtk_file_chooser_get_file (chooser);

      open_file (file);

      g_object_unref (file);

  g_object_unref (native);

  // ...
  GtkFileChooserNative *native;
  GtkFileChooserAction action = GTK_FILE_CHOOSER_ACTION_OPEN;

  native = gtk_file_chooser_native_new ("Open File",

  g_signal_connect (native, "response", G_CALLBACK (on_response), NULL);
  gtk_native_dialog_show (GTK_NATIVE_DIALOG (native));

To use a GtkFileChooserNative for saving, you can use this:

static void
on_response (GtkNativeDialog *native,
             int              response)
  if (response == GTK_RESPONSE_ACCEPT)
      GtkFileChooser *chooser = GTK_FILE_CHOOSER (native);
      GFile *file = gtk_file_chooser_get_file (chooser);

      save_to_file (file);

      g_object_unref (file);

  g_object_unref (native);

  // ...
  GtkFileChooserNative *native;
  GtkFileChooser *chooser;
  GtkFileChooserAction action = GTK_FILE_CHOOSER_ACTION_SAVE;

  native = gtk_file_chooser_native_new ("Save File",
  chooser = GTK_FILE_CHOOSER (native);

  if (user_edited_a_new_document)
    gtk_file_chooser_set_current_name (chooser, _("Untitled document"));
    gtk_file_chooser_set_file (chooser, existing_file, NULL);

  g_signal_connect (native, "response", G_CALLBACK (on_response), NULL);
  gtk_native_dialog_show (GTK_NATIVE_DIALOG (native));

For more information on how to best set up a file dialog, see the GtkFileChooserDialog documentation.

Response Codes

GtkFileChooserNative inherits from GtkNativeDialog, which means it will return GTK_RESPONSE_ACCEPT if the user accepted, and GTK_RESPONSE_CANCEL if he pressed cancel. It can also return GTK_RESPONSE_DELETE_EVENT if the window was unexpectedly closed.

Differences from GtkFileChooserDialog

There are a few things in the GtkFileChooser interface that are not possible to use with GtkFileChooserNative, as such use would prohibit the use of a native dialog.

No operations that change the dialog work while the dialog is visible. Set all the properties that are required before showing the dialog.

Win32 details

On windows the IFileDialog implementation (added in Windows Vista) is used. It supports many of the features that GtkFileChooser has, but there are some things it does not handle:

If any of these features are used the regular GtkFileChooserDialog will be used in place of the native one.

Portal details

When the org.freedesktop.portal.FileChooser portal is available on the session bus, it is used to bring up an out-of-process file chooser. Depending on the kind of session the application is running in, this may or may not be a GTK file chooser.

macOS details

On macOS the NSSavePanel and NSOpenPanel classes are used to provide native file chooser dialogs. Some features provided by GtkFileChooser are not supported:

  • Shortcut folders.


hierarchy this GtkFileChooserNative implements_0 GtkFileChooser this--implements_0 ancestor_0 GtkNativeDialog ancestor_0--this ancestor_1 GObject ancestor_1--ancestor_0




Creates a new GtkFileChooserNative.

Instance methods


Retrieves the custom label text for the accept button.


Retrieves the custom label text for the cancel button.


Sets the custom label text for the accept button.


Sets the custom label text for the cancel button.

Methods inherited from GtkNativeDialog (10)

Destroys a dialog.


Returns whether the dialog is modal.


Gets the title of the GtkNativeDialog.


Fetches the transient parent for this window.


Determines whether the dialog is visible.


Hides the dialog if it is visible, aborting any interaction.


Sets a dialog modal or non-modal.


Sets the title of the GtkNativeDialog.


Dialog windows should be set transient for the main application window they were spawned from.


Shows the dialog on the display.

Methods inherited from GObject (43)

Please see GObject for a full list of methods.

Methods inherited from GtkFileChooser (25)

Please see GtkFileChooser for a full list of methods.



The text used for the label on the accept button in the dialog, or NULL to use the default text.


The text used for the label on the cancel button in the dialog, or NULL to use the default text.

Properties inherited from GtkNativeDialog (4)

Whether the window should be modal with respect to its transient parent.


The title of the dialog window.


The transient parent of the dialog, or NULL for none.


Whether the window is currently visible.

Properties inherited from GtkFileChooser (6)

The type of operation that the file chooser is performing.


Whether a file chooser not in GTK_FILE_CHOOSER_ACTION_OPEN mode will offer the user to create new folders.


The current filter for selecting files that are displayed.


A GListModel containing the filters that have been added with gtk_file_chooser_add_filter().


Whether to allow multiple files to be selected.


A GListModel containing the shortcut folders that have been added with gtk_file_chooser_add_shortcut_folder().


Signals inherited from GtkNativeDialog (1)

Emitted when the user responds to the dialog.

Signals inherited from GObject (1)

The notify signal is emitted on an object when one of its properties has its value set through g_object_set_property(), g_object_set(), et al.

Class structure

struct GtkFileChooserNativeClass {
  GtkNativeDialogClass parent_class;
No description available.
Class members
parent_class: GtkNativeDialogClass
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