Declaration [src]

gtk_adjustment_set_lower (
  GtkAdjustment* adjustment,
  double lower

Description [src]

Sets the minimum value of the adjustment.

When setting multiple adjustment properties via their individual setters, multiple GtkAdjustment::changed signals will be emitted. However, since the emission of the GtkAdjustment::changed signal is tied to the emission of the ::notify signals of the changed properties, it’s possible to compress the GtkAdjustment::changed signals into one by calling g_object_freeze_notify() and g_object_thaw_notify() around the calls to the individual setters.

Alternatively, using a single g_object_set() for all the properties to change, or using gtk_adjustment_configure() has the same effect.

Sets propertyGtk.Adjustment:lower


lower double

The new minimum value.