Declaration [src]

const GError*
gtk_media_stream_get_error (
  GtkMediaStream* self

Description [src]

If the stream is in an error state, returns the GError explaining that state.

Any type of error can be reported here depending on the implementation of the media stream.

A media stream in an error cannot be operated on, calls like gtk_media_stream_play() or gtk_media_stream_seek() will not have any effect.

GtkMediaStream itself does not provide a way to unset an error, but implementations may provide options. For example, a GtkMediaFile will unset errors when a new source is set, e.g. with gtk_media_file_set_file().

Gets propertyGtk.MediaStream:error

Return value

Type: GError

NULL if not in an error state or the GError of the stream.

The returned data is owned by the instance.
The return value can be NULL.