Declaration [src]

gtk_media_stream_stream_prepared (
  GtkMediaStream* self,
  gboolean has_audio,
  gboolean has_video,
  gboolean seekable,
  gint64 duration

Description [src]

Called by GtkMediaStream implementations to advertise the stream being ready to play and providing details about the stream.

Note that the arguments are hints. If the stream implementation cannot determine the correct values, it is better to err on the side of caution and return TRUE. User interfaces will use those values to determine what controls to show.

This function may not be called again until the stream has been reset via gtk_media_stream_stream_unprepared().

Available since:4.4


has_audio gboolean

TRUE if the stream should advertise audio support.

has_video gboolean

TRUE if the stream should advertise video support.

seekable gboolean

TRUE if the stream should advertise seekability.

duration gint64

The duration of the stream or 0 if unknown.