Declaration [src]

gtk_scrolled_window_set_policy (
  GtkScrolledWindow* scrolled_window,
  GtkPolicyType hscrollbar_policy,
  GtkPolicyType vscrollbar_policy

Description [src]

Sets the scrollbar policy for the horizontal and vertical scrollbars.

The policy determines when the scrollbar should appear; it is a value from the GtkPolicyType enumeration. If GTK_POLICY_ALWAYS, the scrollbar is always present; if GTK_POLICY_NEVER, the scrollbar is never present; if GTK_POLICY_AUTOMATIC, the scrollbar is present only if needed (that is, if the slider part of the bar would be smaller than the trough — the display is larger than the page size).


hscrollbar_policy GtkPolicyType

Policy for horizontal bar.

vscrollbar_policy GtkPolicyType

Policy for vertical bar.