Declaration [src]

gtk_editable_install_properties (
  GObjectClass* object_class,
  guint first_prop

Description [src]

Overrides the GtkEditable properties for class.

This is a helper function that should be called in class_init, after installing your own properties.

Note that your class must have “text”, “cursor-position”, “selection-bound”, “editable”, “width-chars”, “max-width-chars”, “xalign” and “enable-undo” properties for this function to work.

To handle the properties in your set_property and get_property functions, you can either use gtk_editable_delegate_set_property() and gtk_editable_delegate_get_property() (if you are using a delegate), or remember the first_prop offset and add it to the values in the GtkEditableProperties enumeration to get the property IDs for these properties.



Type: GObjectClass

A GObjectClass.

The data is owned by the caller of the function.

Type: guint

Property ID to use for the first property.

Return value

Type: guint

The number of properties that were installed.