Declaration [src]

gdk_display_warp_pointer (
  GdkDisplay* display,
  GdkScreen* screen,
  gint x,
  gint y

Description [src]

Warps the pointer of display to the point x,y on the screen screen, unless the pointer is confined to a window by a grab, in which case it will be moved as far as allowed by the grab. Warping the pointer creates events as if the user had moved the mouse instantaneously to the destination.

Note that the pointer should normally be under the control of the user. This function was added to cover some rare use cases like keyboard navigation support for the color picker in the GtkColorSelectionDialog.

Available since:2.8
Deprecated since:3.0

Use gdk_device_warp() instead.


screen GdkScreen

The screen of display to warp the pointer to.

 The data is owned by the caller of the function.
x gint

The x coordinate of the destination.

y gint

The y coordinate of the destination.