since: 2.28


const GVariantType*
g_action_get_state_type (
  GAction* action


Queries the type of the state of action.

If the action is stateful (e.g. created with g_simple_action_new_stateful()) then this function returns the GVariantType of the state. This is the type of the initial value given as the state. All calls to g_action_change_state() must give a GVariant of this type and g_action_get_state() will return a GVariant of the same type.

If the action is not stateful (e.g. created with g_simple_action_new()) then this function will return NULL. In that case, g_action_get_state() will return NULL and you must not call g_action_change_state().

Available since: 2.28

Gets propertyGio.Action:state-type

Return value

Type: GVariantType

The state type, if the action is stateful.

The data is owned by the instance.
The return value can be NULL.