g_tls_interaction_ask_password (
  GTlsInteraction* interaction,
  GTlsPassword* password,
  GCancellable* cancellable,
  GError** error


Run synchronous interaction to ask the user for a password. In general, g_tls_interaction_invoke_ask_password() should be used instead of this function.

Derived subclasses usually implement a password prompt, although they may also choose to provide a password from elsewhere. The password value will be filled in and then callback will be called. Alternatively the user may abort this password request, which will usually abort the TLS connection.

If the interaction is cancelled by the cancellation object, or by the user then G_TLS_INTERACTION_FAILED will be returned with an error that contains a G_IO_ERROR_CANCELLED error code. Certain implementations may not support immediate cancellation.

Available since:2.30


password GTlsPassword

A GTlsPassword object.

 The data is owned by the caller of the function.
cancellable GCancellable

An optional GCancellable cancellation object.

 The argument can be NULL.
 The data is owned by the caller of the function.
error GError **
  The return location for a GError*, or NULL.

Return value

Returns: GTlsInteractionResult

The status of the ask password interaction.