g_thread_pool_push (
  GThreadPool* pool,
  gpointer data,
  GError** error


Inserts data into the list of tasks to be executed by pool.

When the number of currently running threads is lower than the maximal allowed number of threads, a new thread is started (or reused) with the properties given to g_thread_pool_new(). Otherwise, data stays in the queue until a thread in this pool finishes its previous task and processes data.

error can be NULL to ignore errors, or non-NULL to report errors. An error can only occur when a new thread couldn’t be created. In that case data is simply appended to the queue of work to do.

Before version 2.32, this function did not return a success status.


data gpointer

A new task for pool.

 The argument can be NULL.
 The data is owned by the caller of the function.
error GError **
  The return location for a GError*, or NULL.

Return value

Returns: gboolean

TRUE on success, FALSE if an error occurred.