since: 2.32


struct GRecMutex {
  /* No available fields */

The GRecMutex struct is an opaque data structure to represent a recursive mutex. It is similar to a GMutex with the difference that it is possible to lock a GRecMutex multiple times in the same thread without deadlock. When doing so, care has to be taken to unlock the recursive mutex as often as it has been locked.

If a GRecMutex is allocated in static storage then it can be used without initialisation. Otherwise, you should call g_rec_mutex_init() on it and g_rec_mutex_clear() when done.

A GRecMutex should only be accessed with the g_rec_mutex_ functions.

Available since: 2.32

Instance methods


Frees the resources allocated to a recursive mutex with g_rec_mutex_init().

since: 2.32


Initializes a GRecMutex so that it can be used.

since: 2.32


Locks rec_mutex. If rec_mutex is already locked by another thread, the current thread will block until rec_mutex is unlocked by the other thread. If rec_mutex is already locked by the current thread, the ‘lock count’ of rec_mutex is increased. The mutex will only become available again when it is unlocked as many times as it has been locked.

since: 2.32


Tries to lock rec_mutex. If rec_mutex is already locked by another thread, it immediately returns FALSE. Otherwise it locks rec_mutex and returns TRUE.

since: 2.32


Unlocks rec_mutex. If another thread is blocked in a g_rec_mutex_lock() call for rec_mutex, it will become unblocked and can lock rec_mutex itself.

since: 2.32