since: 2.48


g_dtls_connection_set_require_close_notify (
  GDtlsConnection* conn,
  gboolean require_close_notify


Sets whether or not conn expects a proper TLS close notification before the connection is closed. If this is TRUE (the default), then conn will expect to receive a TLS close notification from its peer before the connection is closed, and will return a G_TLS_ERROR_EOF error if the connection is closed without proper notification (since this may indicate a network error, or man-in-the-middle attack).

In some protocols, the application will know whether or not the connection was closed cleanly based on application-level data (because the application-level data includes a length field, or is somehow self-delimiting); in this case, the close notify is redundant and may be omitted. You can use g_dtls_connection_set_require_close_notify() to tell conn to allow an “unannounced” connection close, in which case the close will show up as a 0-length read, as in a non-TLS GDatagramBased, and it is up to the application to check that the data has been fully received.

Note that this only affects the behavior when the peer closes the connection; when the application calls g_dtls_connection_close_async() on conn itself, this will send a close notification regardless of the setting of this property. If you explicitly want to do an unclean close, you can close conns GDtlsConnection:base-socket rather than closing conn itself.

Available since: 2.48



Type: gboolean

Whether or not to require close notification.