deprecated: 3.14 since: 2.10

Declaration [src]

gtk_status_icon_get_size (
  GtkStatusIcon* status_icon

Description [src]

Gets the size in pixels that is available for the image. Stock icons and named icons adapt their size automatically if the size of the notification area changes. For other storage types, the size-changed signal can be used to react to size changes.

Note that the returned size is only meaningful while the status icon is embedded (see gtk_status_icon_is_embedded()).

Available since: 2.10

Deprecated since: 3.14

Use GNotification and GtkApplication to provide status notifications; there is no direct replacement for this function, as the representation of a notification is left to the platform.

Gets propertyGtk.StatusIcon:size

Return value

Type: gint

The size that is available for the image.