deprecated: 3.14 since: 2.14

Declaration [src]

gtk_status_icon_get_x11_window_id (
  GtkStatusIcon* status_icon

Description [src]

This function is only useful on the X11/ platform.

It returns a window ID for the widget in the underlying status icon implementation. This is useful for the Galago notification service, which can send a window ID in the protocol in order for the server to position notification windows pointing to a status icon reliably.

This function is not intended for other use cases which are more likely to be met by one of the non-X11 specific methods, such as gtk_status_icon_position_menu().

Available since: 2.14

Deprecated since: 3.14

Use GNotification and GtkApplication to provide status notifications; there is no direct replacement for this function.

Return value

Type: guint32

An 32 bit unsigned integer identifier for the underlying X11 Window.