deprecated: 4.10 

Declaration [src]

gtk_entry_completion_set_text_column (
  GtkEntryCompletion* completion,
  int column

Description [src]

Convenience function for setting up the most used case of this code: a completion list with just strings.

This function will set up completion to have a list displaying all (and just) strings in the completion list, and to get those strings from column in the model of completion.

This functions creates and adds a GtkCellRendererText for the selected column. If you need to set the text column, but don’t want the cell renderer, use g_object_set() to set the GtkEntryCompletion:text-column property directly.

Deprecated since: 4.10

GtkEntryCompletion will be removed in GTK 5.



Type: int

The column in the model of completion to get strings from.