GTK Documentation

User interface


GTK is the primary library used to construct user interfaces. It provides user interface controls and signal callbacks to respond to user actions.

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An intermediate layer which provides a rendering API implemented using Cairo, OpenGL or Vulkan.

GSK API reference


An intermediate layer which isolates GTK from the details of the windowing system.

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Pango is the core text and font handling library used in GTK applications. It has extensive support for the different writing systems used throughout the world.

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GdkPixbuf is a library for image loading and manipulation.

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Cairo is a 2D graphics library with support for multiple output devices. It is designed to produce consistent, high quality output on all media.

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Core libraries


GLib provides the core application building blocks for libraries and applications written in C. It provides common data types used in GTK, the main loop implementation, and a large set of utility functions for strings and general portability across different platforms.

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GObject provides the object system used by GTK.

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GIO provides a portable, modern and easy-to-use file system abstraction API for accessing local and remote files; a set of low and high level abstractions over the DBus IPC specification; an application settings API; portable networking abstractions; and additional utilities for writing asynchronous operations without blocking the user interface of your application.

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GIRepository provides access to introspected API bindings built using gobject-introspection.

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Older versions


The GTK 3 toolkit.

GTK 3 API reference


The GTK 3 windowing system abstraction.

GDK 3 API reference


The accessibility toolkit, used by GTK 3.

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