Declaration [src]

atk_object_get_attributes (
  AtkObject* accessible

Description [src]

Get a list of properties applied to this object as a whole, as an AtkAttributeSet consisting of name-value pairs. As such these attributes may be considered weakly-typed properties or annotations, as distinct from strongly-typed object data available via other get/set methods. Not all objects have explicit “name-value pair” AtkAttributeSet properties.

Available since:1.12

Return value

Returns: AtkAttributeSet

An AtkAttributeSet consisting of all explicit properties/annotations applied to the object, or an empty set if the object has no name-value pair attributes assigned to it. This #atkattributeset should be freed by a call to atk_attribute_set_free().

 The caller of the method takes ownership of the data, and is responsible for freeing it.