since: 4.12

Declaration [src]

gdk_gl_texture_builder_set_format (
  GdkGLTextureBuilder* self,
  GdkMemoryFormat format

Description [src]

Sets the format of the texture. The default is GDK_MEMORY_R8G8B8A8_PREMULTIPLIED.

The format is the preferred format the texture data should be downloaded to. The format must be supported by the GL version of GdkGLTextureBuilder:context.

GDK’s texture download code assumes that the format corresponds to the storage parameters of the GL texture in an obvious way. For example, a format of GDK_MEMORY_R16G16B16A16_PREMULTIPLIED is expected to be stored as GL_RGBA16 texture, and GDK_MEMORY_G8A8 is expected to be stored as GL_RG8 texture.

Setting the right format is particularly useful when using high bit depth textures to preserve the bit depth, to set the correct value for unpremultiplied textures and to make sure opaque textures are treated as such.

Non-RGBA textures need to have swizzling parameters set up properly to be usable in GSK’s shaders.

Available since: 4.12



Type: GdkMemoryFormat

The texture’s format.