deprecated: 3.4 

Declaration [src]

gtk_table_attach (
  GtkTable* table,
  GtkWidget* child,
  guint left_attach,
  guint right_attach,
  guint top_attach,
  guint bottom_attach,
  GtkAttachOptions xoptions,
  GtkAttachOptions yoptions,
  guint xpadding,
  guint ypadding

Description [src]

Adds a widget to a table. The number of “cells” that a widget will occupy is specified by left_attach, right_attach, top_attach and bottom_attach. These each represent the leftmost, rightmost, uppermost and lowest column and row numbers of the table. (Columns and rows are indexed from zero).

To make a button occupy the lower right cell of a 2x2 table, use

gtk_table_attach (table, button,
                  1, 2, // left, right attach
                  1, 2, // top, bottom attach
                  xoptions, yoptions,
                  xpadding, ypadding);

If you want to make the button span the entire bottom row, use left_attach == 0 and right_attach = 2 instead.

Deprecated since: 3.4

Use gtk_grid_attach() with GtkGrid. Note that the attach arguments differ between those two functions.



Type: GtkWidget

The widget to add.

The data is owned by the caller of the method.

Type: guint

The column number to attach the left side of a child widget to.


Type: guint

The column number to attach the right side of a child widget to.


Type: guint

The row number to attach the top of a child widget to.


Type: guint

The row number to attach the bottom of a child widget to.


Type: GtkAttachOptions

Used to specify the properties of the child widget when the table is resized.


Type: GtkAttachOptions

The same as xoptions, except this field determines behaviour of vertical resizing.


Type: guint

An integer value specifying the padding on the left and right of the widget being added to the table.


Type: guint

The amount of padding above and below the child widget.