Virtual Method


Declaration [src]

iter_parent (
  GtkTreeModel* tree_model,
  GtkTreeIter* iter,
  GtkTreeIter* child

Description [src]

Sets iter to be the parent of child.

If child is at the toplevel, and doesn’t have a parent, then iter is set to an invalid iterator and FALSE is returned. child will remain a valid node after this function has been called.

iter will be initialized before the lookup is performed, so child and iter cannot point to the same memory location.



Type: GtkTreeIter

The new GtkTreeIter-struct to set to the parent.

The argument will be set by the function.
The returned data is owned by the instance.

Type: GtkTreeIter

The GtkTreeIter-struct.

The data is owned by the caller of the method.

Return value

Type: gboolean

TRUE, if iter is set to the parent of child.