Declaration [src]

gdk_pixbuf_composite (
  const GdkPixbuf* src,
  GdkPixbuf* dest,
  int dest_x,
  int dest_y,
  int dest_width,
  int dest_height,
  double offset_x,
  double offset_y,
  double scale_x,
  double scale_y,
  GdkInterpType interp_type,
  int overall_alpha

Description [src]

Creates a transformation of the source image src by scaling by scale_x and scale_y then translating by offset_x and offset_y.

This gives an image in the coordinates of the destination pixbuf. The rectangle (dest_x, dest_y, dest_width, dest_height) is then alpha blended onto the corresponding rectangle of the original destination image.

When the destination rectangle contains parts not in the source image, the data at the edges of the source image is replicated to infinity.


dest GdkPixbuf

The GdkPixbuf into which to render the results.

 The data is owned by the caller of the function.
dest_x int

The left coordinate for region to render.

dest_y int

The top coordinate for region to render.

dest_width int

The width of the region to render.

dest_height int

The height of the region to render.

offset_x double

The offset in the X direction (currently rounded to an integer)

offset_y double

The offset in the Y direction (currently rounded to an integer)

scale_x double

The scale factor in the X direction.

scale_y double

The scale factor in the Y direction.

interp_type GdkInterpType

The interpolation type for the transformation.

overall_alpha int

Overall alpha for source image (0..255)