Declaration [src]

gdk_pixbuf_composite_color (
  const GdkPixbuf* src,
  GdkPixbuf* dest,
  int dest_x,
  int dest_y,
  int dest_width,
  int dest_height,
  double offset_x,
  double offset_y,
  double scale_x,
  double scale_y,
  GdkInterpType interp_type,
  int overall_alpha,
  int check_x,
  int check_y,
  int check_size,
  guint32 color1,
  guint32 color2

Description [src]

Creates a transformation of the source image src by scaling by scale_x and scale_y then translating by offset_x and offset_y, then alpha blends the rectangle (dest_x ,dest_y, dest_width, dest_height) of the resulting image with a checkboard of the colors color1 and color2 and renders it onto the destination image.

If the source image has no alpha channel, and overall_alpha is 255, a fast path is used which omits the alpha blending and just performs the scaling.

See gdk_pixbuf_composite_color_simple() for a simpler variant of this function suitable for many tasks.


dest GdkPixbuf

The GdkPixbuf into which to render the results.

 The data is owned by the caller of the function.
dest_x int

The left coordinate for region to render.

dest_y int

The top coordinate for region to render.

dest_width int

The width of the region to render.

dest_height int

The height of the region to render.

offset_x double

The offset in the X direction (currently rounded to an integer)

offset_y double

The offset in the Y direction (currently rounded to an integer)

scale_x double

The scale factor in the X direction.

scale_y double

The scale factor in the Y direction.

interp_type GdkInterpType

The interpolation type for the transformation.

overall_alpha int

Overall alpha for source image (0..255)

check_x int

The X offset for the checkboard (origin of checkboard is at -check_x, -check_y)

check_y int

The Y offset for the checkboard.

check_size int

The size of checks in the checkboard (must be a power of two)

color1 guint32

The color of check at upper left.

color2 guint32

The color of the other check.