Declaration [src]

gdk_pixbuf_scale_simple (
  const GdkPixbuf* src,
  int dest_width,
  int dest_height,
  GdkInterpType interp_type

Description [src]

Create a new pixbuf containing a copy of src scaled to dest_width x dest_height.

This function leaves src unaffected.

The interp_type should be GDK_INTERP_NEAREST if you want maximum speed (but when scaling down GDK_INTERP_NEAREST is usually unusably ugly). The default interp_type should be GDK_INTERP_BILINEAR which offers reasonable quality and speed.

You can scale a sub-portion of src by creating a sub-pixbuf pointing into src; see gdk_pixbuf_new_subpixbuf().

If dest_width and dest_height are equal to the width and height of src, this function will return an unscaled copy of src.

For more complicated scaling/alpha blending see gdk_pixbuf_scale() and gdk_pixbuf_composite().



Type: int

The width of destination image.


Type: int

The height of destination image.


Type: GdkInterpType

The interpolation type for the transformation.

Return value

Type: GdkPixbuf

The new pixbuf.

The caller of the method takes ownership of the returned data, and is responsible for freeing it.
The return value can be NULL.