Declaration [src]

gtk_column_view_get_sorter (
  GtkColumnView* self

Description [src]

Returns a special sorter that reflects the users sorting choices in the column view.

To allow users to customizable sorting by clicking on column headers, this sorter needs to be set on the sort model underneath the model that is displayed by the view.

See gtk_column_view_column_set_sorter() for setting up per-column sorting.

Here is an example:

gtk_column_view_column_set_sorter (column, sorter);
gtk_column_view_append_column (view, column);
sorter = g_object_ref (gtk_column_view_get_sorter (view)));
model = gtk_sort_list_model_new (store, sorter);
selection = gtk_no_selection_new (model);
gtk_column_view_set_model (view, selection);
Gets propertyGtk.ColumnView:sorter

Return value

Type: GtkSorter

The GtkSorter of self.

The returned data is owned by the instance.
The return value can be NULL.