since: 2.36


g_task_run_in_thread (
  GTask* task,
  GTaskThreadFunc task_func


Runs task_func in another thread. When task_func returns, tasks GAsyncReadyCallback will be invoked in tasks GMainContext.

This takes a ref on task until the task completes.

See GTaskThreadFunc for more details about how task_func is handled.

Although GLib currently rate-limits the tasks queued via g_task_run_in_thread(), you should not assume that it will always do this. If you have a very large number of tasks to run (several tens of tasks), but don’t want them to all run at once, you should only queue a limited number of them (around ten) at a time.

Be aware that if your task depends on other tasks to complete, use of this function could lead to a livelock if the other tasks also use this function and enough of them (around 10) execute in a dependency chain, as that will exhaust the thread pool. If this situation is possible, consider using a separate worker thread or thread pool explicitly, rather than using g_task_run_in_thread().

Available since: 2.36



Type: GTaskThreadFunc

A GTaskThreadFunc.