deprecated: 3.6 since: 3.0

Declaration [src]

gtk_style_context_state_is_running (
  GtkStyleContext* context,
  GtkStateType state,
  gdouble* progress

Description [src]

Returns TRUE if there is a transition animation running for the current region (see gtk_style_context_push_animatable_region()).

If progress is not NULL, the animation progress will be returned there, 0.0 means the state is closest to being unset, while 1.0 means it’s closest to being set. This means transition animation will run from 0 to 1 when state is being set and from 1 to 0 when it’s being unset.

Available since: 3.0

Deprecated since: 3.6

This function always returns FALSE.



Type: GtkStateType

A widget state.


Type: gdouble*

Return location for the transition progress.

The argument will be set by the function.

Return value

Type: gboolean

TRUE if there is a running transition animation for state.