deprecated: 3.4 since: 2.10

Declaration [src]

gtk_entry_set_inner_border (
  GtkEntry* entry,
  const GtkBorder* border

Description [src]

Sets %entry’s inner-border property to border, or clears it if NULL is passed. The inner-border is the area around the entry’s text, but inside its frame.

If set, this property overrides the inner-border style property. Overriding the style-provided border is useful when you want to do in-place editing of some text in a canvas or list widget, where pixel-exact positioning of the entry is important.

Available since: 2.10

Deprecated since: 3.4

Use the standard border and padding CSS properties (through objects like GtkStyleContext and GtkCssProvider); the value set with this function is ignored by GtkEntry.

Sets propertyGtk.Entry:inner-border



Type: GtkBorder

A GtkBorder, or NULL.

The argument can be NULL.
The data is owned by the caller of the method.