since: 2.16

Declaration [src]

gtk_entry_set_icon_drag_source (
  GtkEntry* entry,
  GtkEntryIconPosition icon_pos,
  GtkTargetList* target_list,
  GdkDragAction actions

Description [src]

Sets up the icon at the given position so that GTK+ will start a drag operation when the user clicks and drags the icon.

To handle the drag operation, you need to connect to the usual GtkWidget::drag-data-get (or possibly GtkWidget::drag-data-delete) signal, and use gtk_entry_get_current_icon_drag_source() in your signal handler to find out if the drag was started from an icon.

By default, GTK+ uses the icon as the drag icon. You can use the GtkWidget::drag-begin signal to set a different icon. Note that you have to use g_signal_connect_after() to ensure that your signal handler gets executed after the default handler.

Available since: 2.16



Type: GtkEntryIconPosition

Icon position.


Type: GtkTargetList

The targets (data formats) in which the data can be provided.

The data is owned by the caller of the method.

Type: GdkDragAction

A bitmask of the allowed drag actions.