Declaration [src]

gdk_window_set_decorations (
  GdkWindow* window,
  GdkWMDecoration decorations

Description [src]

“Decorations” are the features the window manager adds to a toplevel GdkWindow. This function sets the traditional Motif window manager hints that tell the window manager which decorations you would like your window to have. Usually you should use gtk_window_set_decorated() on a GtkWindow instead of using the GDK function directly.

The decorations argument is the logical OR of the fields in the GdkWMDecoration enumeration. If #GDK_DECOR_ALL is included in the mask, the other bits indicate which decorations should be turned off. If #GDK_DECOR_ALL is not included, then the other bits indicate which decorations should be turned on.

Most window managers honor a decorations hint of 0 to disable all decorations, but very few honor all possible combinations of bits.



Type: GdkWMDecoration

Decoration hint mask.